Dial a Tan sunbed hire and sales in Sheffield

Dial a Tan Sunbed Hire Sheffield and Rotherham

At Dial a Tan we have a wide range of sunbeds for hire, from single canopy sunbeds which go over your own bed, to double unit (lay down) sunbeds, or the latest stand up vertical sunbeds for that all over tan.

All our sunbeds are equipped with the latest fast tanning sunbed tubes. Tanning times vary depending upon the type of sunbed hired, your skin type and the type of sunbed tubes fitted. If in doubt, please ask when making your booking or enquiry.

We pride ourselves with the standard of our sunbeds and our service. At Dial a Tan sunbed hire all our sunbeds are maintained to the highest standard with regular tube changes. Two new pairs of goggles are provided as standard and sunbed lotion is provided for a modest extra cost. There are no delivery charges within our delivery area.

For sunbed hire in Sheffield and surrounding areas please call and ask for the current prices.

Sunbed Hire in Sheffield

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Elite 9 Tube Foldaway

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